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"Quiet, please: Hospital tries to control noise."
- Maine Nurse - Aug-Oct 2004
'Relaxation' TV, less intercom use - some methods being tried

June 18, 2004

The irony of being hospitalized is that you can never get any rest. A recent Mayo Clinic study showed that nighttime noise in a hospital can reach a decibel level almost equal to that of a chain saw or jackhammer.

Northeast Georgia Medical Center has launched an initiative to address the problem. One innovation is the "relaxation channel," which became available about two weeks ago on the hospital's closed-circuit TV network. The continuous 12-hour video loop features tranquil nature scenes and soothing music.
(NOTE: "Waves" has only all natural ocean sounds without music).

"There are deserts, oceans, dolphins swimming. No dialogue or people, though there is a scene with some really cute golden retriever puppies," said Tricia Westbrook, a registered nurse who serves as chairwoman of the hospital's Patient Education Council. "All the music is instrumental, mostly classical or new age."

Maybe it seems like elevator music to some people, but there are documented medical benefits.

"Patients report lower levels of pain and anxiety," Westbrook said. "It can reduce the need for medication and the need for restraints in elderly patients who are confused."

Sheila Sullens, manager of the intensive care unit, said the channel seems to be a hit so far. "The patients really do like it, and we've received very positive feedback from families," she said.
"It works great as a stress reliever."

The TV channel complements a program already under way in which harpists visit ICU patients.

Copyright Main State Nurses' Association Aug-Oct 2004
Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning Company. All rights Reserved

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