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The #1 Health Care DVD for Relaxation / Soothing Nature Video Art Series for Hospitals, etc.
RELAX with the Sights & Sounds of Nature - HEALTH CARE DVD VIDEO
"Visual exposure to natural settings has produced significant recovery from stress, as indicated by changes in physiological measures such as blood pressure and muscle tension." Felf, D. (ed.) 1992, The Role of Horticulture in Human Well-Being and Social Development, Portland, OR; Timber Press
"Waves: Virtual Vacations" DVD video series is #1 Natural Relaxation, Stress Reduction, Meditation & Health Care DVD Video Series. Waves have been used by doctors and caregivers from hospitals to nursing homes to help calm patients before surgery, to lowering peoples blood pressure from stress, to distract them from pain during treatment (like chemotherapy) and to aid in the recovery from illness, injury, or grief with less pain medications. Waves provides a "Virtual Vacation" for shut-ins or anyone wanting to get away from their troubles and just relax on beautiful ocean beaches.

Waves can help calm patients suffering from Alzheimer and Dementia. Unlike other videos with stories that can confuse and frustrate patients, Waves provides a soothing and gently stimulating natural experience for them with all natural sounds - no music or narration. Soothing sights & sounds of lapping waves can stimulate happy memories.

Waves is also a great source of natural 'white noise.' White noise can aid in stress relieving sleep, relaxation, and increased concentration by getting rid of noisy outside distractions. It can help those of us suffering from tinnitus or hyperacusis. Waves will help you not only sleep better, but also study and work more effectively by creating a more natural and soothing environment.* Getaway, Relax, and Renew!

See Why Health Care Providers use 'Waves' DVDs
Stanford Cancer Center (Palo Alto, CA) shows waves in their waiting rooms on LCD TVs.
Euro Day Spa (Laguna Niguel, CA) shows Waves on their plasma TV in their waiting room.
DuBunne Day Spa
(Torrance, CA) shows Waves on their plasma TV in their waiting room.
Newton Memorial Hospital (Newton, NJ) shows Waves on their CCTVs.
Alegent Health Center for Healing Ministry (Omaha, NE) shows Waves on their CCTVs.

Menlo Park Surgical Hospital (Menlo Park, CA) shows Waves in their waiting rooms.
San Diego State, Student Counceling shows Waves to relax stress out college students.
St. Boniface General Hospital (Winnipeg, Canada)
Thomas Hospital (Fairhope, AL )
Sharp Memorial Hospital (San Diego, CA)
Highland Park Hospital (Highland Park , IL)
Brooke Guida/Health Recovery Center (Mount Pleasant, SC)
Harry S. Truman VA Hospital (Columbia , MO )
Federal Medical Center (Butner, NC) soothes mentally ill.
VA Medical Center (San Francisco, CA)
Shriners Hospital Children (Tampa, FL)
Red River Hospice (Fargo, MN)
James Cancer Center (Columbus, OH)
The O2 Oxygen Spa (Salt Lake City, UT)
Central Baptist Hospital Library (Lexington, KY )
"“We absolutely love these DVD's on our plasma TV. They have transformed our relaxation area to another oasis. It's an added service in the spa. Our goal is to give the ultimate spa experience...mind and body. And these Waves DVD's do just that. They are awesome.”
- LaKeisha Hopson, Operations Manager
DuBunne Day Spa (Torrance, CA) 2-27-05
"Dear Greg, I’d love to give you a testimonial since we love the DVD’s. Here it is: Waves DVD’s have transformed the atmosphere of my cosmetic dermatology office. We continually show these DVD’s (on a 42" plasma TV) in my patient waiting area and my patients comment on how relaxing they are and how much they enjoy watching them. For patients awaiting potentially uncomfortable procedures, it soothes and calms them so that they are less anxious when I see them. These DVD’s have proved to be so popular that we now sell them in the office and at my spa, due to multiple requests from both patients and spa guests. Many people buy several to give as gifts."
- Lorrie Klein, M.D. Dermatologist and President, Euro Day Spa
(Laguna Niguel, CA) 2-15-2005
• #2 "Quiet, please: Hospital tries to control noise 'Relaxation' TV" - CLICK HERE
Maine Nurse - Aug-Oct 2004
Discover More Uses for 'Waves' Videos & DVDs.
Pregnancy & Delivery: Waves has helped many expectant mothers relax and fall asleep. It makes a great sleep aid DVD & helps insomnia with soothing sights & sounds of ocean waves and sunets.
Pre-Surgery, Injury, & Recovery Treatments: Waves has been used to help calm and relax people before and after surgery. It has helped veterans recover with less medication from traumatic illness and injury.
Cancer DVD Treatment: Waves has helped people relax during chemotherapy as well as family dealing with the stress and anxiety of cancer as a natural stress management DVD.
Mental Illness / Autism: Waves has helped soothe people suffering from the pain, anxiety, depression, and upset creating a restful and peaceful environment for them and their caregivers.
Federal Medical Center (Butner, NC) Waves DVDs soothes their mentally ill.
Alzheimers DVD Treatment: Waves makes a soothing alzheimer's dvd . It has been used by doctors & caregivers to calm & soothe Alzheimer's patients plus family & friends.
Anger Management: Waves 10 minute segments has been effectively used as a relaxing 'Time Out' for people coping with strong emotions.
Loss / Bereavement: Waves has been used for people dealing with the loss or dying of a loved one to calm feelings of overwhelm and grief.
Hospital Emergency Rooms: Waves has provided a positive focus and soothing environment for people in overwhelming stress as well as a sleep aid for patient insomnia on Hospital Closed Circuit TVs.
Soothing Dreams (less Nightmares): What we watch, feel, or think about often ends up in our dreams. Watching Waves just prior to sleep provides users with a relaxing tropical dream vacation to help calm, relax, heal and renew ourselves with a more restful nights sleep.
Available Now!
Vol. 11 + Vol 3
Seminars: Waves has been used as a soothing background video during seminar breaks as well as a relaxation tool to improve health.
Help Restore Health & Balance from:
• Stress • Anxiety • Pain • Suffering • Insomnia • Exhaustion • Frustration
• Anger • Depression • Illness • Injury • Addiction • Recovery • Grief
2 Sided DVD ONLY
2 for 1 Super Value

Last Waves title
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"The heart shines when the force of wanting and grasping is transformed
into creativity, graciousness, and beauty..."
- Wise Man

"This can be the soothing power of Waves DVDs for me to share with you." - Greg V.
TAKE a "WAVES: Virtual Vacations" NOW!
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REATE your own Relaxation TV Channel. CHOOSE from11 hours of programming with "WAVES: Virtual Vacations" (Vols 1-11) NOW!
NO Site license required for 1 TV for each DVD (like in a waiting room).
Site license required for multi TVs or CCTVs. CLICK HERE
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A "Virtual Window" of Natures Beauty & Calm
"Outstanding deal! Inspiring and relaxing DVDs. Great product! "
E-Bay Customer: drlee355(4)